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As a service to the community, New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers provides a regular newsletter several times a year on topics of concern to our clients and to the public.  Newsletter topics range from stress management to overcoming family dysfunction.  These newsletters offer readers valuable information to assist them in the management of mental health issues and support in recovery from addictions.  Each current newsletter is posted as it is published. 

Understanding the Nature of Alcoholism and Addiction

When a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they begin to have a lot of problems that are caused by the addiction. For example, when an addict is ac-tively using they may become depressed, anxious, suicidal, explosive, and unpredictable. They may appear to be bipolar or complain of having numerous health problems, including chronic pain. For most addicts, these problems go away when they quit drinking or doing drugs. Their mental, physical, and relationship problems are, thus, caused by the addiction. Remove the substances and the other issues often miraculously get better.


Understanding the Nature of Effective Parenting

Raising kids can be extremely rewarding. It can also be frus-trating and exhausting. While they can bring indescribable joy to your life, kids can also test your patience and your ability to manage them. Unfortunately, kids aren’t born with a “how to parent me” instruction manual. As a result, parents are often left wondering how to best parent their kids, especially during times of stress or crisis. Fortunately, there are proven strategies that can help make parenting easier and more effective.


Understanding The Nature of Depression

Most people are touched, either directly or indirectly, by the impacts of depression. Each year, approximately 1 in 15 adults and 1 in 8 teenagers experience a depressive episode. Depression is more than just having a “down day”. It is a debilitating condition that can make functioning difficult and, if left untreated, can lead to severe emotional and behavioral impairment.


Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a violent crime that happens to both males and females. Current estimates are that over 25% of females and 10% of males experience some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. Unfortunately, because many people are either unable to or are reluctant to report abuse, these estimates most likely underestimate the true numbers of people that have experienced sexual abuse trauma.


How To Help An Alcoholic or Addict

Alcoholism and addiction is a horrible disease that affects not only the alcoholic, but also his/ her family and friends. If you have lived with an alcoholic, you are all too familiar with living with broken promises, lies and manipulations, and hurt and anger. If you are trying to help someone who is struggling with alcoholism, it is helpful to understand the strategies that help and those that don’t.


Effective Time Management

Have you ever wondered, why some people are able to accomplish so much more than others? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and yet some people seem to get more done in a day than others get done in a month. While some of the differences can be attributed to the variances in individual skills, limitations, responsibilities, or resources, some of the differences in productivity are related to the variances we have in time management skills. The better a person’s time management skills the more productive they tend to be.


Effectively Managing Anger

Everyone gets angry, but not everyone manages their anger effectively. We have all witnessed occasions where someone has lost their composure because they were angry. Some people yell and scream while others withdraw and withhold.


How to Build a Health Self-Esteem

Building a healthy self-esteem is an important part of creating a productive, happy life. Having a sense of self-worth allows you to engage in activities around you and create healthy, productive relationships.


How to know your teenager needs help

Adolescence is often a time for families. Teenagers frequently test new limits and parents have to adjust to changing expectations and requests for more freedom. While most teenagers navigate this time without major problems, some experience enormous distress and may become involved in destructive life patterns.


Managing Stress During Uncertain Times

These are stressful times. Many people have either lost their jobs or are fearful of losing their jobs in the future. The uncertainties of the day can undermine our sense of security and increase our feelings of stress. In fact, prolonged feelings of stress and uncertainty can lead to feelings of hopelessness, despair, and depression. As a result, it is important to keep in mind, the proven strategies that can help us manage the stressors of the day.


Marijuana the Great Unmotivator

While some argue that marijuana (“pot’) is a “natural” substance that is harmless, those of us in the recovery community frequently see a very different picture. Research has shown that marijuana use can 1) damage the lungs, 2) impair short term memory, 3) impair verbal skills and judgment, 4) distort perception, 5) weaken the immune system, and 6) possibly increase the user’s likelihood of developing cancer.


Re-Discovering the Lost Art of Intimacy

True intimacy doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time, energy, and a dedicated effort to create intimacy. Listed below are some of the steps that you can take to make relationships that last.


The Latest Research On Marijuana

Many people think of marijuana as a harmless drug that should be legalized throughout the country. Others highlight the dangers of smoking pot and warn against the potential consequences of drug usage. Current research studies are beginning to provide useful insights into marijuana. This article provides a brief summary of some of the latest research findings.


Understanding the Nature of Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience. For example, a person may experience anxiety before giving a speech, taking a test, or walking down the aisle before getting married. For most people, these moments of anxiety fade quickly. Some people, however, experience anxiety that is so severe or long lasting that it begins to affect their ability to function.


Understanding The Nature of Suicide Risks

One of the first steps to preventing suicide is to understand the risk factors associated with suicidal thoughts and actions. Some of the more common risk factors are discussed in this article


Understanding The Nature of Synthetic Drugs

Currently, synthetic marijuana is rivaling alcohol and cannabis in popularity among high school students. The drug’s popularity has been the result of its easy accessibility. The drug is most often sold in “Smoke” shops that are spotted throughout any retail area. These shops specialize in selling cannabis paraphernalia and other drug related items.


Understanding the Nature of Trauma and PTSD

While anyone can experience trauma, not all people perceive traumatic events in the same way. Some are able to manage these events relatively well, while others experience significant distress as the result of traumatic events. It is currently estimated that as many as 20% of people that experience a traumatic event will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Understanding the Rules of Dysfunctional Families

A dysfunctional family is a family system that fails to meet the needs of its members in a way that is healthy and nurturing. Obviously, there are times in the life of most families where not everyone gets what they need.


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